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Superhero Question


This is a list of the world’s major problems and how we can solve them;

Malaria- Donations for mosquito nets

Obesity- More restrictions of trans fat and junk food

Dirty Water- Donations

Lack of nutrition- Donations

World Hunger- Donations

Slavery-Overthrow dictators

Disease- Medicine donations

Failing economy- Every one pays taxes

racism– non-hate videos that create a more hate-free mindset  for children therefore making them hate less in later life

Depletion of Natural Resources- Go green

global warming/polution- Go green 

unemployment- Everyone does their part to pay taxes and get a job

war/terrorism- Donate to troops
HIV/Aids- Stop drug abuse

child labour- work on creating unions in other countries

lack of literacy-donate books and open schools in poverse countries



Food Challenge

I think that it is important that people eat healthy so that they will not become overweight and develop diabetes. It is also important that people not only eat healthy food. It is okay to eat junk food in moderation.

To make an avatar you go to google images or another image webiste. type in what you want to find and then save it. Next go to the tab on your blog, and go to “my profile”. Then click on your siloute picture and click “change”.

My avatar

My avatar is a tank made of ice. It is this because my username is Icetank2.

Why did you join the blogging challenge?- Because it was required for my class.
What do you hope some of the activities include?- Less work
Finally, what do you hope to get out of the challenge by the end of the ten weeks?- At least a 95

My favorite web2.0 tool is Storybird. It is great for making stories.

Digital Citizinship

Digital Citizenship is very important if you are a member of Facebook or another social network. If you are inconsiderate of peoples personal information then you might be considered a cyber bully if you are respectful then you will be showing good digital citizenship. In the game that I played, a boy had his picture taken and somebody created a website about him. The website had mean comments in it and was an example of not showing digital citizenship.


I think I am more of a creator that creates blogs and shares information. I also like to comment and share my opinion with other people. Most people in my age group are joiners, or people that join social networking sites.


Digital Dossier

Q:What sites have I joined to?

Youtube, Google, Yahoo, WordPress, Edublogs, and Wikispace.

Q:How much information did you give them when you joined?

Not very much; I lied about my exact birthday and I didn’t join sites that required a credit card number.

Q:Have you filled in more than the *asterisk questions?



Q:What did you find when you googled your name?

Nothing. I have never given a website my real name. I could find no web footprints or cookies