Today was the last day of book discussion and we discussed the ending of the book. The book discussion wasn’t that fun in general, and it never had been.  A good thing was that I learned a lot about what others think about the book.  After that I got to know the people more since we had been together for about 2 and a half weeks, even though it had been through 30 minute hour time sessions, we got a lot done.  When we did finish the meet , we just wrote a discussion or a reply to the book and reviewed what we had learned from it.

Overall I guess it was a pretty good activity for us to participate in. Once we were done we headed back to class.  It was an end to another event in Mrs. Cato’s class. It was a great time altogether.  W had fun, and we learned a few new things.

It was suprising that by the time I finished reading and discussing the book, how much I knew about this character that never really existed. Amazing what a book can do to your brain.