After reading this article, I felt that the girl who got sick was not compensated enough for what had happned to her. I beleive that it is a resturants obligation to pay for any damages caused by THEIR OWN FOOD. Because even if it was an employee’s fault, it is a resturant’s responsibility to pay for any damages cause by their food, even if it was because of the employee’s neglagence.

First of all, how could this kind of thing even happned. I know there has been dispute over what exactly caused it, but it doesnt matter! It is the resturants responsiblity take responsibility for the damages done. For example: what if you were a just a normal guy walking down the street and some nice stranger with a nice dog is walking by. The other man offers for you to pet his dog. So then you go up to pet it. Then suddenly, out of no where, the dog turns full rogue and bites your arm. But it turns out the dog had a rare form of zombie disease, making everyone he bit a zombie.  So now you have the zombie disease. Well this dease apperently costs a lot of money to cure. So who pays for the cure? The owner or you? I beleive the owner should, because based on the dog’s freindly looking apperaence and the mans willingness to let you pet his dog. This is litteraly a spot on anology.