Bullying should be put to an end all around the world. What people don’t realize is bullying is an epidemic , if you really think about it. People should know that bullying is dangerous, and can affect the victim and the bully. If the victim commits suicide, the bully has to live with that the rest of their life and nobody deserves that, but nobody deserves to be bullied either! I’m glad that people are taking caution in a article that even me very interested in reading it just from the title. The whole article gave me a perspective on what the victims of bullies ar going through.

In my opinion, this newspaper did a great thing. Over the years bullying in schools has really escalated to dangerous levels. Hopefully, this newspaper can make people more aware of what is happening. Parents especially, should be informed on bullying so that they can see the signs and talk to their children. No one should ever be bullied by anyone, for anything. People are unique in different ways and no one has the right to make anyone feel uncomfortable with themselves. Bullying should be stopped before any more lives are lost because of it.

I think this newspaper is doing something good. Their making people aware of bullying and that it does happen. Even if that person says nothing it does go on. I feel bad for this kid he took his life because people were being jerks. I doubt this kid has ever done anything wrong to these people. Some teens need to notice that bullying does affect the way the victim acts and on occasion, the victim will commit suicide, because they just can not take the abuse.