Do you think that you w ould take a machete to the face to protect others that you care about? I am writing this in honor of  Anthoney Omari,  a custodian at Faraja Children’s Home in Ngong, Kenya who made a great sacrifice in order to ensure the safety of the Kenyan children staying there. On January 23, 2012, bandits invaded the orphanage. Omari however while fighting them off he suffered a machete cut on his face.

However thanks to a volunteer at the orphanage, this event was greatly publisized. The man’s name is Ben Hadwick, a Pennsylvania State student who wrote about the attack on Reddit. After his post went viral, donations came rolling in. As of now, the orphanage has raised over $80k.

Omari has been spending the money buying new locks, hiring people to watch the orphanage at night, and paying off mortgage. He has also been posting the receipts to prove that he isn’t wrongly spending the money. Omari is truly trying to do the right thing.

Anyone can make a difference when encountering a social challenge, as long as they are willing to act upon it. Just one simple donation or blog post might, cause a chain reaction that could help people around the world.