In this captivating and intriguing article, I learned that you can never have to much practice. Although this may seem bogus to some,it makes if you really think about it. If you keep repeating an activity over and over again, eventually you will know it to the point of where you can do it out of instinct and without to much effort.

Being a piano player, I understand the difficulties of repeating a task over and over again. You think, “why am I doing this if I know it already?” The answer is simple:  when you repeat- something multiple times, your brain and/or muscles will become adapt to it, like it is a part of you.

While the article never talked about over studying, it jeep keep the theme of ” if you do something to the point of doing it without effort, you can almost never forget it. This Is demonstrated when you memorize multiplication facts,  vocabulary,and solving math problems. The task at hand simply becomes wired into your brain.

The message of this article was to keep practicing, even after the task has been learned. So even though you’re getting better, you can’t always tell you’re improving.  Which is why practicing so much will seem tedious at the time, but in the long run, it will help you a lot!