In the article I just read, it explained how there are different kinds of blog posters, each with respective “Spongebob Characters” to match their persona.  For example, a “Plankton” is someone who steals other peoples work, and a “Squidward” is someone that wrights boring articles. This comparison symbolizes how anybody that has a blog makes some kind of flaw, but that is what makes us all different in writing styles, and perspectives on life.

I beleive that I am somewhere between a Spongebob, and a Patrick. I usually express my ideas on a subject, but do not correctly word it into an article. I also can not find the right way to say something alot of the time without seeming like I changed my idea. I beleive this is what makes ME an individual writer. I  may not always understand every aspect of something, but I think that is what gives me a unique perspective; and if nobody had a unique idea, the world would be a VERY dull place.

So in closing, people can label writers all they want, but what one should really be doing, is enbracing different blog personalitys with gratitude, because a world without individually, is a world I would not want to live in!