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Kenyan Orphangage-AOW

After I reading this article, I know understand the consequences of a building or (in this case) orphanag being attacked. Without a proper defense, an building containing children may be at severe risk to attack or harm. This is why I beleive it is important for local law enforcement agencies, to enforce the law. Also I think it is a good idea to have better defense like they have been doing.


After reading this article I belive I have a firm understanding of what this article is trying to convey. It is saying that to get good at something you must practice, but some talent is involved; because talent can only go so far. Talent only matters only to a certain extent, than practice and repetition is needed.

For example: Let’s say that I want to be a professional baseball player. But so does my friend John. Me and John both get baseball bats and baseballs for Christmas. When we hit the balls for the first time, John hits home runs almost every time, while I strike out almost every time. John obviously has more talent than me(due to better eye-had coordination, sight, physical inertia, and strength). But after weeks of playing, John has gotten lazy and decides that he no longer needs to practice, because of his talent; while I, who doesn’t have any talent, am practicing 8 hours a day. Six years pass and John hasn’t improved, but I have, and am ready to play baseball professionally, because of my experience and PRACTICE.

This is a perfect example of how talent  matters at first, but if do not choose to explore that talent to its full potential it will die down and somebody with less talent and more practice will easily surpass you.

In the article I just read, it explained how there are different kinds of blog posters, each with respective “Spongebob Characters” to match their persona.  For example, a “Plankton” is someone who steals other peoples work, and a “Squidward” is someone that wrights boring articles. This comparison symbolizes how anybody that has a blog makes some kind of flaw, but that is what makes us all different in writing styles, and perspectives on life.

I beleive that I am somewhere between a Spongebob, and a Patrick. I usually express my ideas on a subject, but do not correctly word it into an article. I also can not find the right way to say something alot of the time without seeming like I changed my idea. I beleive this is what makes ME an individual writer. I  may not always understand every aspect of something, but I think that is what gives me a unique perspective; and if nobody had a unique idea, the world would be a VERY dull place.

So in closing, people can label writers all they want, but what one should really be doing, is enbracing different blog personalitys with gratitude, because a world without individually, is a world I would not want to live in!

I can make a difference

I can make a difference by recycling and reusing materials. This will help the environment, ånd make the earth a better place for people to live in. I think of the Earth as a sphere of sheltėr for all of mankind. I believe that the better world we live in, the better life we will live. Śo fly into the wings of happinesš. The end