After reading this article, I have a new understanding of social media and internet sharing. It has provided a new perspective on the difference between “Sharing” and “Stealing”.

For example: Sharing is when you share a message, image, or anything digital with somebody else or a group of people. Stealing is when you take something that the original holder had intended to be “theirs”, and display it publicly. Although this may be MY definition of “Sharing or Stealing”, it could not be somebody elses. Like in the article it talks about how the person is mad that the picture that she displayed publicly was taken or shared by other people.

Due to copyright laws, somebody can not copy and paste somebody else’s picture and put it somewhere else on the Internet without the person’s permission. I believe that if somebody made a picture public, for everybody to see, than that means they are publicly displaying it; and if a picture is publicly displayed, it is open to somebody displaying it somewhere else. But the person who owned the picture must get credit.

This also opens up the issue of piracy. If the owner of a song were to put it on to iTunes, I don’t think it is fair that someone else can sell it for free, EVEN if they give them credit. Because THAT, is stealing.