I am sorry about my previous TimeManagementNinja Post. It was immature and irresponsible. Here is my real post on the subject:


After reading this article on timemanagementninja.com about procrastination, I now understand that procrastination is wrong and can only lead to bad consequences such as failure or stress. When you keep putting something off, it will eventually catch up to you and that can never lead to positive consequences. I strongly believe that there is only one true way to manage your work properly, and without stress; and the article I have just read has illustrated that perfectly.

In the article, it explains that to manage your problems and stop work from accumulating, you must manage your time properly, without biting off more than you can chew. For example, I would not want to tackle all of my backed up math homework in one day; I would be to stressed out and would more than likely give up very fast out of sheer frustration. That is why this blog said that you should space things out with a schedule or planner so that you can do a little bit each day.

Often times people complain about having “too much” work on their list. The reason for that is that they just didn’t do it in the first place. A way to fix this would be to get focused and just, “work” . Don’t worry about it being perfect, just try to get it done. This is what I have learned from MY experience as a procrastinator.

So in the end, although procrastinating may be favorable in the MOMENT, it will eventually catch up to you in the long run.