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Today was the last day of book discussion and we discussed the ending of the book. The book discussion wasn’t that fun in general, and it never had been.  A good thing was that I learned a lot about what others think about the book.  After that I got to know the people more since we had been together for about 2 and a half weeks, even though it had been through 30 minute hour time sessions, we got a lot done.  When we did finish the meet , we just wrote a discussion or a reply to the book and reviewed what we had learned from it.

Overall I guess it was a pretty good activity for us to participate in. Once we were done we headed back to class.  It was an end to another event in Mrs. Cato’s class. It was a great time altogether.  W had fun, and we learned a few new things.

It was suprising that by the time I finished reading and discussing the book, how much I knew about this character that never really existed. Amazing what a book can do to your brain.



Today after we met a week later, everyone had read a little bit more.  I had already answered a lot of the questions before the actual in depth discussion though.  Everyone had read about 50 pages, and then we discussed what we had read so far.  Basically they were near the beginning  part where the main characters(Ellie and Mika) were being introduced  and the storyline had begun. We then started discussing the book

We discussed and  redid the foreshadowing, and then, we discovered we only had one meeting left.  We picked up the pace then I told everyone to read more of their book so we could finish before the next meet.

Book Discussion #1


  • Fun
  • Informative
  • Intelligent
  • Sophisticated
  • Learned other peoples opinions on the book.
  • Helped me understand the book deeper by comparing and contrasting with other people


  • Got a little off topic sometimes.

I had a very good discussion with Jake and Jackson over what the book’s theme was. This argument went on until we switched topics onto the reasons why the main character left the space station in the first place, and the deeper reason why she was trying to escape. This went on for a while, until we got a little of topic and started talking about the purpose of the monkey in the book.


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adjective, sex·i·er, sex·i·est.


concerned predominantly or excessively with sex; risqué: a sexy novel.

sexually interesting or exciting; radiating sexuality: the sexiest professor on campus.

excitingly appealing; glamorous: a sexy new car.


/spəˈgɛti/ Show Spelled[spuh-get-ee] Show IPA



a white, starchy pasta of Italian origin that is made in the form of long strings, boiled, and served with any of a variety of meat, tomato, or other sauces.

Electricity . an insulating tubing of small diameter into which bare wire can be slipped.


BOTH ARE WORDS. So why is one “less proper” than the other? Because our BRAINWASHED modern day society is believing all the CRAP the media is shoveling down our throats; they are not only believing it, they are actually acting like it is the truth(because as we all know the media NEVER exaggerates or makes up stories right? Right?)  And its working to! This “concerned mom” got mad because awwwwwwwwwwww…..her wittle daughta wus being hawassed at school. BOO FRICKEN HOO! Cry me a river! Seriously, you overprotective parents, if you dont let your snivelling, poop-stained, bratty kids see the real world, theyre going to end up sheltered freaks who wont accept the reality of failure, or verbal harassment. Learn to let go for the better!

Another thing about the words above. What if in an alternate reality, the meanings of the words “sexy” and “spaghetti” were switched. So lets say this kid goes up and says, “IM SPAGHETTI AND I KNOW IT!” What would happen in that alternate reality? Huh? Yeah that’s right, he would get the same punishment as in our reality. I guess what I’m trying to say is, the meaning of the word doesn’t matter, if it is used without bad intentions, or is used in simple ignorance of what the word acutally meant; so I seriously doubt the little 6 year old FULLY knew what he was saying when he said what he did.

“I am sexy and I know it”…saying that is considered sexual harassment? Has everybody gone insane? Since when is the word “sexy” demeaning or insulting to anybody? I can not think of a single person who could possibly feel this way. It’s a sad sight that Americans have been brainwashed to become so “politically correct” that nothing is tolerable anymore.



After reading this article, I felt that the girl who got sick was not compensated enough for what had happned to her. I beleive that it is a resturants obligation to pay for any damages caused by THEIR OWN FOOD. Because even if it was an employee’s fault, it is a resturant’s responsibility to pay for any damages cause by their food, even if it was because of the employee’s neglagence.

First of all, how could this kind of thing even happned. I know there has been dispute over what exactly caused it, but it doesnt matter! It is the resturants responsiblity take responsibility for the damages done. For example: what if you were a just a normal guy walking down the street and some nice stranger with a nice dog is walking by. The other man offers for you to pet his dog. So then you go up to pet it. Then suddenly, out of no where, the dog turns full rogue and bites your arm. But it turns out the dog had a rare form of zombie disease, making everyone he bit a zombie.  So now you have the zombie disease. Well this dease apperently costs a lot of money to cure. So who pays for the cure? The owner or you? I beleive the owner should, because based on the dog’s freindly looking apperaence and the mans willingness to let you pet his dog. This is litteraly a spot on anology.


Bullying should be put to an end all around the world. What people don’t realize is bullying is an epidemic , if you really think about it. People should know that bullying is dangerous, and can affect the victim and the bully. If the victim commits suicide, the bully has to live with that the rest of their life and nobody deserves that, but nobody deserves to be bullied either! I’m glad that people are taking caution in a article that even me very interested in reading it just from the title. The whole article gave me a perspective on what the victims of bullies ar going through.

In my opinion, this newspaper did a great thing. Over the years bullying in schools has really escalated to dangerous levels. Hopefully, this newspaper can make people more aware of what is happening. Parents especially, should be informed on bullying so that they can see the signs and talk to their children. No one should ever be bullied by anyone, for anything. People are unique in different ways and no one has the right to make anyone feel uncomfortable with themselves. Bullying should be stopped before any more lives are lost because of it.

I think this newspaper is doing something good. Their making people aware of bullying and that it does happen. Even if that person says nothing it does go on. I feel bad for this kid he took his life because people were being jerks. I doubt this kid has ever done anything wrong to these people. Some teens need to notice that bullying does affect the way the victim acts and on occasion, the victim will commit suicide, because they just can not take the abuse.

Do you think that you w ould take a machete to the face to protect others that you care about? I am writing this in honor of  Anthoney Omari,  a custodian at Faraja Children’s Home in Ngong, Kenya who made a great sacrifice in order to ensure the safety of the Kenyan children staying there. On January 23, 2012, bandits invaded the orphanage. Omari however while fighting them off he suffered a machete cut on his face.

However thanks to a volunteer at the orphanage, this event was greatly publisized. The man’s name is Ben Hadwick, a Pennsylvania State student who wrote about the attack on Reddit. After his post went viral, donations came rolling in. As of now, the orphanage has raised over $80k.

Omari has been spending the money buying new locks, hiring people to watch the orphanage at night, and paying off mortgage. He has also been posting the receipts to prove that he isn’t wrongly spending the money. Omari is truly trying to do the right thing.

Anyone can make a difference when encountering a social challenge, as long as they are willing to act upon it. Just one simple donation or blog post might, cause a chain reaction that could help people around the world.

One thing that stuck out to me in my book is the perserverence that Elie and his father had. They had to adapt to thier

In the book, The Biography of Elie Wiesel, they truly showed how the war affected Jews and. The main character and his father tried to stick together throughout the war, but at the end of they day only Elie was still alive.


I disagree that school aged children are less environmentaly aware than older generations because nowdays people are becoming more aware of the environment by forming “peace clubs” and whatnot. I PERSONNALY oppose MOST recycling because I feel it is a huge waste of time and money. Also we have to clear land to make recycling plants. I also feel like people are going overboard with this whole thing by wearing “recycling” T-shirts, and telling people to recycle even if they don’t want to. Down with recycling. Now here is some examples of recycling:

My Family-They recycle by putting recycling bins  in the house.

School- At school we have recycling bins, this helps brainwash kids be more environmentally aware even outside the house.

History-throughout history people have always tried to find a way to reuse materials.


In this captivating and intriguing article, I learned that you can never have to much practice. Although this may seem bogus to some,it makes if you really think about it. If you keep repeating an activity over and over again, eventually you will know it to the point of where you can do it out of instinct and without to much effort.

Being a piano player, I understand the difficulties of repeating a task over and over again. You think, “why am I doing this if I know it already?” The answer is simple:  when you repeat- something multiple times, your brain and/or muscles will become adapt to it, like it is a part of you.

While the article never talked about over studying, it jeep keep the theme of ” if you do something to the point of doing it without effort, you can almost never forget it. This Is demonstrated when you memorize multiplication facts,  vocabulary,and solving math problems. The task at hand simply becomes wired into your brain.

The message of this article was to keep practicing, even after the task has been learned. So even though you’re getting better, you can’t always tell you’re improving.  Which is why practicing so much will seem tedious at the time, but in the long run, it will help you a lot!